While I have avoided obscenities in my commentaries, the headline above is the exception to the rule. I have decided to go down into the gutter only because our bullying former military brass and the dysfunctional Fiji First government have suddenly decided that the use of the F word in […]


Yesterday marked 10 years since the Bainimarama 2006 coup and when I reflect on the decade that’s been I must conclude that:- * Our civil service has been militarized * Our school children are now being shown how to march and carry arms through military organized cadet system * Our […]


I had been thinking about this for some time now, and this morning while driving my nephew to school I saw on the back of a T shirt ‘I AM FIJIAN, so I decided I needed to make this post. Especially when, as a member of the minority community I […]


  Transcript: Bula this is Mick Beddoes and I want to add my comments about the ‘disgraceful ape gesture’ made by Khaiyum during the Committee stage of the 2016 Budget. It is obvious to me that the relentless efforts of the Opposition during this 2016 budget debate to scrutinise every […]

My Opinion on Khaiyum’s Ape Gesture

Opposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca has called on the Australian Government to explain why it has agreed to provide the RFMF’s Land Force Commander, Lt. Col. Sitiveni Qiliho, with military training in Australia when he is guilty of human rights abuse against Australian citizen, Dr Brij Lal. Lt. Col. Qiliho […]

Hon. Ratu Isoa Statement on Australia’s Decision to train Torturer

The landowners who place their land in the Land Bank seeking a better ‘return’ for the short term should now understand that in the long term once they deposit their land with the Land Bank, they lose all rights to any lease conditions. This was confirmed by the Director of […]

The Upside & Downside of the Landbank

Peter Waqavonovono is in Wellington on attachment from 09/08/15 to the 14/08/15 at the HIVE Pita will be attached to the NZ Parliament’s Opposition GREENS PARTY and will learn the workings of Parliamentary researchers and policy campaigns teams. He will also meet with Youth Leaders and members of the NZ […]

SODELPA Youth Leader heads to New Zealand

The Leader of the Opposition will make a substantive statement once she has had the opportunity to be fully briefed on the details surrounding the sudden changes in the Military leadership. The reasons behind the Commander Mosese Tikoitoga’s decision to resign his command to take up a Diplomatic posting will […]

Changes in Military Command