The multiple scams that our PM has been duped by.

Yesterday marked 10 years since the Bainimarama 2006 coup and when I reflect on the decade that’s been I must conclude that:-

* Our civil service has been militarized
* Our school children are now being shown how to march and carry arms through military organized cadet system
* Our draft constitution was trashed and burned and their 2013 constitution imposed
* The 2014 elections produced a Parliamentary Dictatorship
* Our Health Sector is terminally ill
* Our Education System has flunked
* Our Sugar Industry is on life support
* Our unemployment is at record levels
* Our people remain divided and live in fear

And the Prime Minister continues to blame all of this these ills on previous governments even though hes been at the helm for the past 10 years.

While all this is rather depressing, I cannot ignore the fact that we have had some spectacular entertained and laughs along the way, thanks to none other than the PM himself, who seems to be putting his ‘foot’ in it on a regular basis.

The latest was his being conned by Inventor Douglas Stewart and partner Gaurangbhai Patel recently to launch their $40 Billion InstaCharge App that has since been labelled a fraud and now even the Acting PM has come out to say the PM never endorsed the product? Then why may I ask did he support by launching it? Why launch a product you don’t endorse. But why does the Acting PM say this, we need to hear from the PM himself?

Listed as one of the 10 worst diplomatic Faux Pas by famous politicians is the PM’s official meeting with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. PM Bai walked up to the PM and his 2 aids and thought the tall guy in the middle was the PM and hook his hands first ignoring PM Medvedev’s outstretched hand. She shook both aids hands first then finally the PM of Russia.

Then there was the Gibson Guitar deal. Bainimarama was presented with a $7000 Gibson Guitar and he has set up a deal to allow Gibson to buy Fiji Mahogany. But not long after all the local publicity on the big deal, silence. It was later discovered that US Feds raided the Gibson offices because they had been making hefty donations $US300,000 plus a year to the organization Rainforest Alliance [a watchdog for forests in the USA] that endorses the timber products. Gibson were bribing them through the donations so as to get their products endorsed. There has been only silence on this since then.

Then we had the One Hundred Sands saga, in which 100 Sands were given the exclusive Casino license, supposedly after a ‘rigorous assessment’ of all applicants? Bainimarama also said they had selected 100 sands because of their strong affiliation with Native American Indian culture which was important to Fiji, [This he said just before he got rid of our Great Council of Chiefs] It was later discovered 100 sands had no ties with the American Indians and the people they claimed to have been involved with in Casino’s knew nothing about 100 sands of its owners. The owners of 100 sands also had NO Casino experience and the $300 million project fizzled. It was locally registered by AG’s aunt Nur Bano Ali’s company.

My favorite one was his trip to Canada to meet with supporters and participating in an award night, where he believed he was receiving an award from the Fiji First Canada supporters. But it turned out, that he was to present the award to a Miss Annie Ji [Kathrine] who had actually conned him into presenting her with a plaque for being ‘Woman of the Year’, Fiji Ambassador and voice of the Fijians in Canada. She had also duped 2 local Canadian MP’s into attending saying that Bainimarama had initiated the award for her and they could meet him. The con was discovered when some saw the spelling on the plaque as Embassador for Fiji, and subsequent inquiries revealed that Annie Ji set the whole con up to give herself some much needed publicity.

While we can all laugh at Frank’s expense, what it does show, is that Fiji First is so hooked on publicity, they have become careless. I am surprised that QORVIS with the millions they are paid and the Communications Minister who should be watching his PM’s back failed to protect the integrity of their Prime Minister, not once, or twice but more than 5 times already?

Someone’s dropped the ball big time and multiple times.

[Source and pictures from Fiji Leaks]