Opposition Whip Ratu Isoa Tikoca has called on the Australian Government to explain why it has agreed to provide the RFMF’s Land Force Commander, Lt. Col. Sitiveni Qiliho, with military training in Australia when he is guilty of human rights abuse against Australian citizen, Dr Brij Lal. Lt. Col. Qiliho […]

Hon. Ratu Isoa Statement on Australia’s Decision to train Torturer

The landowners who place their land in the Land Bank seeking a better ‘return’ for the short term should now understand that in the long term once they deposit their land with the Land Bank, they lose all rights to any lease conditions. This was confirmed by the Director of […]

The Upside & Downside of the Landbank

Peter Waqavonovono is in Wellington on attachment from 09/08/15 to the 14/08/15 at the HIVE Pita will be attached to the NZ Parliament’s Opposition GREENS PARTY and will learn the workings of Parliamentary researchers and policy campaigns teams. He will also meet with Youth Leaders and members of the NZ […]

SODELPA Youth Leader heads to New Zealand

The SODELPA MP’s lead by Ro Teimumu Kepa are on the road again today visiting constituencies, while others are attending to Committee work and the Security Workshop at the USP, while some staff attending the first High Court hearing today for Ratu Naiqama. From all accounts so far we are […]

SODELPA MP’s head out for Constituency Meetings

15 Ra Chiefs charged with sedition and will appear in a special court session tomorrow in Lautoka. Ironic that the Administration making the charge has its own origins in sedition and comitted treason to avoid facing the courts. Such is the hypocracy we live in today. Ok for them to […]

Ra Chiefs Charged with Sedition

Solicitors Toganivalu & Valenitabua today filed a High Court Constitutional challenge on behalf of Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu seeking declarations and orders inter alia that: – Parliament and the Speaker acted outside their respective legal powers in citing and suspending Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu for contempt. That Ratu Naiqama’s suspension cease forthwith […]

Hon. Ratu Naiqama’s Solicitors file High Court Challange