My Opinion on Khaiyum’s Ape Gesture



Bula this is Mick Beddoes and I want to add my comments about the ‘disgraceful ape gesture’ made by Khaiyum during the Committee stage of the 2016 Budget.

It is obvious to me that the relentless efforts of the Opposition during this 2016 budget debate to scrutinise every line and every allocation succeeded in building up so much pressure that the normally composed Attorney General ‘ lost control’.

The gesture that Khaiyum made in Parliament as he resumed his seat was ‘a racist ape gesture’ pure and simple.

The Darth Vader defence as orchestrated by QORVIS is a bust, it does not work so they should stop fooling the people with it.

The incident took place during the Committee of supply and earlier Khaiyum himself pointed out to Hon. Nawaikula that no points of order were allowed (This is all recorded in the hansard) So Ratu Isoa was right to wait until the full House resumed. So it raises the question of the Speakers ruling that it should have been dealt with in committee?

The ‘racist gesture’ was made by Khaiyum, there is a Video recording of it and no amount of QORVIS spin is going to erase that fact.

If this democracy we have were real and there was honour among our elected members, Khaiyum would have resigned, and despite his constant talk of equal citizenry and being non racist, the Fiji First government is now explicit in the promotion of ‘racism’ of the worst kind, through the actions of non-other than the architect of all its policies the Acting Prime Minister.

As a member of the minority community I found his behaviour deeply offence as I am sure many of you did And I appeal to everyone, not to accept or tolerate this behaviour because if you allow this disgusting behaviour to pass as a little “joke” then you must be prepared for the precedent it sets.

I leave you with the words of Bob Marley ‘”Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned everything is war”

Thank you,