SODELPA MP’s head out for Constituency Meetings

The SODELPA MP’s lead by Ro Teimumu Kepa are on the road again today visiting constituencies, while others are attending to Committee work and the Security Workshop at the USP, while some staff attending the first High Court hearing today for Ratu Naiqama.

From all accounts so far we are getting very good feed back from the people and the level of dis-satisfaction with Government is becoming evident from the feed back, People are not happy!

The case for Ratu Naiqama went ok today, it is the very early stages of course, but the solicitors brief indicated they were pleased with the proceedings today.

SODELPA Youth representatives met today to develop new strategies for the next phase of the Fiji Flag, I expect to be briefed tomorrow. Despite the continuing surveillance being conducted on our Youth members continuing [in Sabeto yesterday] they remain resolved and undeterred and are ready to step up their activities.